“Hill Climb made for the Memory Books”

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Ikon, nedover pil

North of the Arctic Circle, In the heart of the Midnight Sun,

where Summer meets Winter as you race up the hill,

with passion we carved out a spectacular 3 km track

worthy of any Hill Climb around the world.

About Norges Råeste Bakkeløp

Founded in 2010 by experienced motorsport enthusiasts, Norges Råeste Bakkeløp has become the European Hill Climb to check out on every driver bucket list.

Get ready for a 3700 metres long track with 290 metres of hight difference as you challenge

a total of 11 right/left corners, a tunnel for the brave and speeds clocking in close to 200 km/hour. By the time you cross the finishing line more than 15 000 spectators will applaud your bravery and encourage you to try again.

On popular demand the Hill Climb has developed, and we now deliver a full week of motorsports on different arenas in and around the hill climb area.

Streetracing, Dragrace, Rallycross and Folkrace has grown ever popular and has become an integral part of a motorsports week not to miss out on.

Welcome to Norway and Målselv Fjellandsby!

Once arriving in Oslo, daily direct flights are offered to the track in less than 2 hours.

Our team greets our VIP guests at Bardufoss airport followed by a 20-minute car ride to the track. We offer lodging at one of our breath-taking cabins overlooking the hill, stunning views and snow dressed mountains.

Events worth considering

Through the week we offer events stretching from car shows in the streets of cities & towns like Harstad & Bardu, Dragrace with a vast array of anything 2 & 4 wheel through to the legendary 3 km Hill Climb track up to Målselv Fjellandsby.